What’s your ONE?

Many people have that one issue that they have battled for years. It is the one thing that keeps them from being all that God desires them to be.

I still believe that God is able to set people free from those issues.

David heard the voice of one giant as he went to make a delivery to his brothers. However, that one voice spoke of the multitude of enemies that were waiting in the wings to destroy the armies of Israel.

After David had killed Goliath and taken off his head with a sword he marched into the courts of King Saul carrying the head of the giant. The people began singing, “Saul has killed his thousands and David his ten-thousands.” 

But he only killed Goliath.

The key to our victory is to destroy that one enemy in our life through the Name of Jesus. With the victory over that one we will be conquering many other spirits that would have come against us.

This could be the victory that gives you your song!  Don’t give up!!

The Church is on Fire!

I read the story of a village that only had one church in it.  It had grown cold in its worship and had become satisfied with mere religion.  One day that church caught on fire and the townspeople began running toward the church in order to help fight the flames.  An atheist was among the group heading to fight the raging fire. One of the men of the church hollered at the atheist and said,

“This is the first time I have ever seen you running to the church.”

The atheist replied by saying,

“It is the first time I have ever seen the church on fire.”

We as individuals must make sure that we do not become satisfied with ordinary church. We cannot allow ourselves to grow accustomed to mere religious ceremonial worship. There must be a fire that burns bright in our churches. I am talking about the Holy Ghost fire that will set the captive free and heal the brokenhearted!

When the local church has that kind of fire raging, people that we never expected to come will show up.

I want the fire of the Holy Ghost burning in me and in Abundant Life of Willis!

Picking Up the Pieces

Have you ever felt like your life was nothing more than shattered dreams lying on the ground? Maybe at one time you had a great vision of things to come, but now you find it hard to see anything positive coming your way again. We often find ourselves discouraged and feel that no one cares about the broken pieces of our lives. When you feel this way, it’s important to remember that your story is not over yet.

Recently, I was reading the great story of how Jesus fed the five thousand with five loaves and two fishes. I noticed that after Jesus had blessed it and brake it, he gave it to the disciples to distribute among the people. The Bible says that when they were full that Jesus instructed the disciples to “gather up the fragments that remain, that none be lost.” It encourages me to read that Jesus cared enough about the broken, fragmented, leftovers that he would instruct the disciple to pick it up, that NONE be lost.

You may feel that your life is nothing but a broken, fragmented dream of what could have been. The enemy may have lied to you and whispered in your ear that you are good-for-nothing, except “dinner for fowl of the air”. But Jesus loves you in your broken state. Allow Him and His people to pick you up and protect you.

This story makes me just want to believe that what they picked up that day was used to feed a multitude of others in the near future. Your day of ministry is not over! Allow God to do what He does best with your life. “And Jesus blessed it, brake it…”

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